• I you and others are Employees of facebook,google,linkedin…

    Data structure and Algorithms in computer world had significant role in the advancement technologies.Many technologies are implemented with the help of Computer Algorithms and other computation theories.Scientist and computer Geeks had developed many technologies that helps the common people not to worry about the implementation of technologies rather using it in their daily life.Internet age had started drastically fast and it has grown its peak.Now what ? Obviously the Internet business,The invention of WWW by the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee changed the world to a small.Introduction of Personal computing by Microsoft and the first GUI browser Mosaic by Marc Lowell

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  • moving your online data using mover.io

    I got interested in mover.io  because i can easily transfer my on-line  storage data from one to another data storage space.Mover is fast and simple.When my Ubuntu one got expired i have to move one  GB of data to another on-line storage,it is tedious task to download the whole content to your physical drive and again upload to another on-line drive.This is where it  helps,moverio has api to interface between the cloud storages.I transfered my data from Ubuntu one to drop-box easily.

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  • learn quicksort algorithm with Hungarian dance

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  • My favourite quote from Billgates

    “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

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  • 03-perl Numbers and Strings

    Numbers in perl are pretty straight forward.it simply declares with variables as we talked before.For example

    In the above example variable1 will print 1234.Variable2 will print 668 because if a number with leading zero, perl will take it as octal and when printing convert in to decimal that gives you 668.Variable3 will print 6839 perl will take the value as hexadecimal because with a leading 0x and convert to decimal to base ten when printing.Variable4 will print 170 and 0b recognise as binary,perl will take it as binary and covert decimal ten.Variable5 will print a floating number.Variable6 will print exponential.

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  • 02-perl Variables and Values

    Variables represents the storage space in memmory.In perl variable are represented by beginning with a ‘$’ sign followed by variable name.for example $varible_name. values are assigned to this variables.

    we can store any kind of data type in varibles including null.Each statements in perl terminated by putting semicolon ‘;‘ at the end. Each subroutines in perl ,other languages considered as method starts with a curlybraces “{}”  and ends with curly braces. lets walk though a n example

    In this program its starts with two imports of libraries from perl strict and warnings. strict is used for forcing perl to

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  • 01-perl printing Hello World

    Perl is a amazing and great programming language to study.Let us go through a simple program for printing the old dialog “Hello World”

    Here print statement will print “Hello world”.To run perl program make a file some_fle_name.pl  and save.Open your terminal and type the command perl some_fle_name.pl  

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  • Iterate through multidimensional array in perl

    Its quite easy to declare one dimensional array in perl and iterate through them.for example

    but when comes to multiple dimensional array,what will do?.Its quite challenging but easy to implement.Multiple deimensional means array inside an array for example

    Here [1,2,3] is the first array and [4,5,6] is the second array,The strategy is to first iterate through arrays then iterate inside each arrays for example


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  • my low memory machine runs on lubuntu

    I am so delighted to found a low graphics desktop enviroment which runs on top of ubuntu.It’s amazing performance as a desktop which i didn’t found in other low memory desktops like crungbang.It works on 512 ram smoothly.I thought i should by a new computer.Every thing in linux is more than an Gem.

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  • RVM install ruby

    The easiest way to install ruby is by using RVM(ruby version manager).If you use RVM you don’t have to worry about dependencies and libaries install with ruby,RVM will take care of that for you.so lets install ruby,open your terminal and enter the command to update your system source list

    Next to install curl if you dont have in your system.

    Next is to install RVM,remember dont use sudo because this is installing in your home directory

    After it is done installing, load RVM. You may first need to exit out of your shell session and start up

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